“I was thoroughly impressed with the tutoring services that I have received from Tendai. He was extremely thorough with the content and didn’t just explain the difficult concepts I was struggling with, but he also spent considerable time helping me improve my test taking skills. He would explain and solidify hard to understand concepts, and actively engage in questions to gauge if you are truly understanding them. He also helped me improve my overall test taking ability through discussions on what type of things to look out for, or how different concepts could be asked in questions. Additionally, he made himself available on a very flexible schedule that would work for the both of us, and if I ever had a quick question about something, I did not understand I was always able to rely on him by sending him a message. I received tutoring in physiology, neuroscience/neuroanatomy, pharmacology, and pathology and having access to affordable tutoring services in medical school that are available on a flexible schedule was very helpful, and I would recommend it to any student.”
Adam 2nd year medical student class of 2022

“I have had the pleasure of being Tendai’s tutee. His highly effective tutoring skills allowed me to earn the grades I needed. As a first semester medical student I had trouble adjusting to the load of information and half way through the semester, I knew change was necessary. He then provided me with the ‘push’ I was looking for. His phenomenal services allowed me to focus and answer a broad range questions. I felt that I was held more accountable for material and my time management skills improved. I was not the easiest student to tutor but despite the distance and time constraints, Tendai was patient, flexible, approachable and always willing to kindly assist. His passion for teaching has been evident and I look forward to continuing his beneficial services in future semesters.” Maryann 1st year medical class of 2024

“Tutoring sessions with my MedTutor are very helpful. His style makes me feel relaxed and at ease but he knows when to push you because he really wants the best for all his students. He explains things in a way I can readily understand and gives all his students confidence that they are having success learning the material and can reach their goals. I tutored with Tendai for multiple subjects in medical school. Medical school is challenging enough but he helps break down the material in a way that is doable and makes sure that you do not fall behind. I went from scoring in the 60s in anatomy to scoring in the 80s with his help and guidance. Not only does he know his material well, but he is also extremely kind and patient with all his students which I believe is equally important.” Shireen 1st year medical student class of 2024

Anatomy class got me really hopeless after studying all the hours and using all the recommended resources, I felt completely blocked and scared of the class. After not knowing what else to do, I decided to put my trust on MedTutors. MedTutors LITERALLY saved my Anatomy grade. He makes things so understandable, and easy to get. He helped to clear my doubts and lose fear for Anatomy. Another example, PD class. With Covid-19, PD became a bit challenging. A friend and I asked Tendai for help for the final, and once again, we saved PD class! TRUST THIS GUY!!!!! PS: At first, I didn’t pay too much attention to my MedTutor Tutoring thinking it might be similar/same as a TA review. I was wrong! He is the best!!!!! Amalia 1st year medical student class of 2024

“Tendai began tutoring me when I was taking anatomy and I continued receiving his help in histology, biochemistry, and physiology. His enthusiasm for the subjects he tutors is contagious. With his patience and help, I was able to not only do well in the courses but also to truly understand the material better. Having him as a tutor has increased the confidence I have in my ability to become a great physician one day.” Rachel class of UMHS 2023

“When it comes to the Human Anatomy course, look no further. Tendai is the person you want to help you clear up your questions on the subject. He provides you with a daily study schedule for pre and post lecture (with practice question suggestions). If you keep up with the schedule and go to him with your questions on a timely manner (dont let them pile up) you will get the grade you desire. There is no reason not to. Tendai is responsible, prepares and most importantly can explain the subject from different angles/perspectives. So the chances of you not understanding something are slim. And something I like the most is, if he can’t answer a question he does his research and gets back to you. I assure you that you are in good hands.” 2nd year medical student class of 2023

“MedTutors is an excellent resource . I totally loved the review sessions and questions, it helped me solidify my knowledge and to think fast because of the high yield facts and tips taught to me.” Rayven UMHS class of 2023