How does the consultation session work?

The consultation session is initially structured around discussing the student’s goals and working together to strategize the best way to address their concerns. This includes discussing the study resources for that particular course and how to make the most of them.

Do I need a tutor?

That’s a question people find themselves asking. Are you frustrated with underachieving? Are you struggling through medical school and barely getting by? Maybe you want to improve yourself to be more productive with your study time and your grades. Or you are doing great in medical school but want to brush up on some concepts to get a better understanding.

How much online tutor experience do you have?

Currently, I have tutored up to 30 medical students online and have acquired up to 1000 hours of online tutoring experience.

When should I contact a tutor?

The most ideal situation is to book a consultation session before the semester starts. This allows us to formulate a game plan for the course. We discuss the resources for that specific course and how to make the most of them, allowing the students to start the semester on the right footing. Alternatively, I receive requests from students who are having difficulty during the semester. This makes it very challenging as the material accumulates. I urge students to recognize if their methods of studying are not working and to seek help early.

How often do we meet?

It is all dependent on the needs of the student. Sometimes all it takes is some minor adjustments in a student’s studying technique.

How are the group sessions structured?

The group sessions are the most popular, as it is a flipped classroom setup. I inform the students about high yield topics to prepare on their own time. When we meet, they apply the knowledge by doing questions on the different topics they studied, and I guide them. We specifically focus on improving their test-taking skills and reinforcing any doubts. Furthermore, the students can apply their knowledge and, as a result, are more confident.